No Microplastics in Salt Used for Schullo Products

No Microplastics in Salt Used for Schullo Products

Schullo ensures no microplastics enter our products.  

We proudly report that our latest reports dated October 2021, no concentrations of microplastics have been found in our sea salt used as ingredient, neither in our final products such as our Peanut Butter.  Great news in deed!

Purity and quality of sea salt used in our products is verified through analytical studies and chemical analyses to determine the presence of microplastics particules. Schullo works with reputable U.S. laboratories such as EMSL specially equipped with infrared microscopes capable to detect particles of a size of 250 -5 μm (0.25–0.005 mm) suited for microplastics analysis. 

Microplastics are everywhere, they sit at the bottom of the sea, mix into beach sand, and blow in the wind. A study in the journal Environmental Science and Technology says it's possible that humans may be consuming anywhere from 39,000 to 52,000 microplastic particles a year.  Salt when extracted from the sea can contain particles of microplastics, and when ingested by humans it can be very harmful to our health. 

To attain healthy and safe food products Schullo leaves nothing to chance, sourcing high quality ingredients and ensuring compliance with honest standards.

Not doubt you share our enthusiasm for the search of the purest, natural and organic ingredients for the good of our health!


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