New life for Schullo jute peanut sacks

New life for Schullo jute peanut sacks

Schullo has for some years given new life to the jute sacks that the peanuts arrive in at our factory. To make the famous Schullo Peanut Butter we buy the best peanuts in 50kg jute sacks.

The sacks, once cleaned, are recycled into everyday reusable totes, pencil cases for the children at school, and lunch totes. We give them to our customers as a souvenir.

The Jute plant is a hearty consumer of Carbon Dioxide. It is 100% organic as no pesticides or fertilizers are needed, given the natural resilience of the jute plant. The fiber of the plant is 100% biodegradable, and the strength of the fiber is legendary.

We are constantly looking for ways to reuse, recycle, and reduce waste. Along with our other recycling programs this has been a total success for the environment and us. Our clients are happy to have a great tote made from recycled jute.