What is in your peanut butter?

What is in your peanut butter?

What is in your peanut butter? What makes Schullo peanut butter better than its competitors?

So, what exactly do the competitors put in their peanut butter? Apart from the obvious main ingredient of peanuts, you will find added sugar, molasses, hydrogenated vegetable oils, 

Mono and Diglycerides. You can read the ingredient label of any of the major brands of peanut butter and see for yourself.

What are mono & diglycerides?

Mono and diglycerides are sometimes known as emulsifiers, stabilizers, or vegetable oil stabilizers. They are used widely throughout the processed food industry to prevent separation of oils, as in the case of peanut butter, to improve shelf life, and provide texture.

Mono and diglycerides are derived from the skin and bones of animals or from vegetable sources such as canola or soy.

What are hydrogenated vegetable oils?

Hydrogenation of vegetable oils is a chemical process that adds hydrogen to the vegetable oil. As we know vegetable oils are liquid at room temperature. As hydrogen is added to the vegetable oil, the oil becomes less liquid and has a longer shelf life. A fully hydrogenated vegetable oil is solid at room temperature and can contain between 15-25 percent trans fatty acids. The final product contains more saturated fatty acids than the original, therefore is more detrimental to health.

It is well known and scientifically proven the damage caused by trans fatty acids, hydrogenated oils and the like. These products raise bad cholesterol levels and lower the good cholesterol.

What makes Schullo peanut butter so good?

Simply put because it is 100% peanuts with a dash of salt, and it tastes great. We NEVER add hydrogenated oils, molasses, sugar, mono and diglycerides or anything else.

Peanuts help control blood sugar levels and contribute to satiety, as well as being high in protein and fiber. 


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